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Stan Nelson
Our mission is to give hope to as many orphan girls that are transitioning out of their orphanage as we can. We will provide them a safe and loving home, help them finish their schooling and learn a trade and teach them how to successfully live in their culture. They are forced in to the world, ready or not, at 18 and many end up exploited or in human trafficking soon after they leave the orphanage. We want to change this by confronting their past, impacting their present and giving hope for their future!
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  1. Stan, you, Denise and the boys have been like family to me since we met. Now you have become family to Jonathan, Isaac and Noah too! We love you guys and are praying for you always and especially for Stan’s health and recovery ? ♥️

  2. Hope this helps with your amazing ministry! Miss you., Stan and Denise. Glad Stan’s feeling better!

  3. Love you guys and what the Lord is doing through you with Rocsana’s Hope. So excited to see what more is to come!

  4. The Nelson family are all like family to us also and we love and are so inspired by the new family God has brought into their lives through Rocsana’s Hope!

  5. I read your post about Rebecca needing clothes and wanted to contribute something. It breaks my heart that they are in need of clothing.

  6. Keep up your awesome works of the Lord and keep up the faith. God is doing great things!

  7. I read your story in the Trib and loved it. I graduated from Valley in 81. You are truly a blessing to these people that need your help.

  8. Hello,
    I wanted to change my donation to $100 a month instead of $50, but wasn’t sure how to do that. So now I’m giving twice a month a donation of $50. Hope you are all doing well!

  9. I know you recieved enough for the repairs but set this aside for future or use it for another need. Keep up the good work.

  10. God is working in all of you and I just want say keep your eyes and your heart and your worries focused on Jesus. God bless you, Stan, Denise, and each of you wonderful ladies.

  11. Just being obedient. Pat and I were Directors of Housing at Liberty GodParent Home and we understand the goal and mission of what you all are doing. Wish we could be there.

  12. Stan,
    We appreciate that you let us know of the need for the girls. As I see it, you’re not asking for yourself but for the girls you are ministering to. At times God compels us to share our need with others; and ther are times that the Lord prompts us to rely totally on Him to supply the need

  13. We are so excited about all the Lord has been doing through you all with Rocsana’s Hope. As long as you remain faithful to to Him and His calling on your life, he will bless you all and Rocsana’s Hope.

  14. Stan,
    This donation is from my Friday morning bible study. We decided each week to pitch in and give the money to our favorite ministry so I volunteered first. Guess what, your my favorite ministry. I know it’s not much but I hope it blesses you.
    In HIS Love,

  15. We love you guys and are excited for what the Lord has coming for Rocsana’s Hope

  16. I have been giving for quite awhile but my bank changed my card and i needed to change the info to keep the donation tithe going. Have a blessed day!

  17. We loved getting to hear Stan share about this ministry and bring an impactful message at Grant City Baptist Church!

  18. Don’t ever feel guilty for asking for help. Some of us work really hard so we have money to give you.

  19. Hi Stan,
    Thanks for sharing about the situation. I know it is hard for you to ask for donations, but remember there are people like me who love to feel that we are helping in some small way with your ministry. Thanks for all that you do and allowing me a chance to be blessed by sending my donation.

  20. We love you Stan, praying for you and the ministry. $113.00 was donated from the Bible study I attend on Friday morning.

    Kim & Ann

  21. Love you guys. Keep following the Lord’s direction and He will continue to bless all you do through Rocsana’s Hope

  22. Give praise to our Lord…. I hope this donation helps to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and may God bless you all for the work you are doing…

  23. I hope this helps some Stan, some of this money is donated from my bible study. Love you brother!

  24. We love you guys! Exciting to continue to see more of what the Lord has in store!

  25. We didn’t get around to donating for Christmas in time. We want to be able to help the girls get some of their still-needed items or gifts that were unable to be purchased. God Bless you all!

  26. Stan, I love what you are doing for those girls. I wish I had more to give but please know I pray for you all daily. I also pray that the Lord opens the door for me to come see what you are doing for myself someday. God Bless!

  27. I hope this helps your ministry, Stan. I pray for what God is doing through you and keep you in my praysers.

    Love you my friend and brother!

  28. It is a joy to share in this beautiful ministry! We do watch to give when there are special needs in different ministries.
    Father God, thank You for this ministry to the young ladies who need their hope.
    You ARE with us LORD! You have promised that You will never ever leave us. It is my prayer that the girls and staff at Rocsana’s Hope will be continually aware of Your amazing presence as they
    • soak in Your beauty, holiness and omniscience
    • allow Your constant presence to fill their hearts and minds
    • abide in You and intentionally have Your Word abide in them.
    We praise You that this is a reality that we can, and DO, experience Your presence. By it, we are empowered!
    Oh Lord, saturate our minds! In Your name. Amen

  29. Saw your post about your van needing repaired so here is a little to help pay the bills. I wish it could be more but it is given with much live and respect to the call of God on y’all’s lives. “STAY OBEDIENT AND FAITHFULNESS WILL FOLLOW ” You and your wife are living examples of that.❣

  30. Stan and I talked a few weeks back and I would like to sponsor Rebekah. I am not sure if that is correct spelling, that is how my daughter spells her name. If someone is sponsoring her already, then whomever needs sponsors is fine. God Bless.

  31. I was sponsoring Rebekah and my card did not go through. I had stop that one forgetting that I had this automatic payment coming coming out. My apologies. Please let me know that it has been changed.

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