2021 Christmas Fund

They will be so blessed and grateful. This year we will be purchasing all gifts for the girls of Rocsana’s Hope in Guatemala and presenting them to them on Christmas morning this year 2021. If it is in your heart to be an extra special blessing to our home and the girls, then by all means feel free to click this link and give what the Lords leads you to give. Every dollar donated will go towards the girls and staff gifts and will be shared with them on Christmas morning. Join in the reason for the season and give some of what God has blessed you with to be a blessing to those who have never known the joy of being blessed in this way. Thank you in advance for the gifts that the girls will receive. I can guarantee you that they will be so deeply blessed. God bless you in advance.

Rocsana’s Hope Moving Fundraiser

As we have shared, we have been dealt a real curveball and are now facing the need to relocate our ministry home and headquarters in Guatemala.  While we were caught off guard, God knew all along this was coming. He has already provided a new home in the same city we are in now.  Stan is returning to Guatemala on August 27th to finalize the lease on the new home and begin the process of moving.  However, we are faced with many unexpected expenses for this, a majority of which is coming up with multiple months rent plus a security deposit and attorney fees to finalize the lease on the new home.  Selvin has also been calculating other expenses not normally incurred, and we have come up with an amount that seems insurmountable right now, but that is in our eyes, not Gods.  We are setting a one-time fundraising goal of $5800.00 to cover all of the expenses that we are facing.  This seems like so very much, and it is, nevertheless it is what we are now facing.  We have been so blessed to have so many help us with so many needs over the last few years, and that makes it even more difficult to share this need.  But we still have people really ask us to be honest and share our needs.  So that is what we are now doing.  As we say every single time: ONLY GIVE IF GOD SPECIFICALLY LEADS YOU TO GIVE.  If you do not feel that, then do not feel obligated in any way to help.  We know God is our source and that He chooses the vessels that He wishes to use to meet all the needs that will ever face.



12 Passenger Van for Rocsana’s Hope for Giving Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

As the ministry has continued to grow, we have now completely outgrown our single SUV Kia Sorento that we have had for a year and a half. With the addition of two more girls and most likely more to follow, we are in desperate need for a second and larger mulit-passenger van that we can use to transport all of the girls to all of the places that they need to go, not to mention any time we all need to go somewhere together as a ministry, such as church or other special outings. We have done the research and have found that for about $8,500.00 we can get a very good 12-15 passenger van that will be a great asset to the ministry and serve us for years to come. The pictures taken show a van that is very similar to what we are hoping to purchase. Will you consider helping us reach this very real and critical goal so that we can continue to help more girls as God brings them our way.

The girls are continuing to come our way and as time goes on we are going to need something exactly like this van you see pictured here with our girls and we need your help to do it.  Will you consider being a part of helping us reach this very special and needful goal to have a proper and needed vehicle to use to help our girls achieve their goals and their dreams?