Until Every Orphan Girl Looks To Her 18th Birthday With Excitement Instead of Fear...

Our method turns “What Ifs” into “Why Nots” and “No Hope of a Future” into “Hope for a Bright Future.”  We do this by putting systems in place to address three main areas:

1. We Confront the Past

Virtually all of our girls have either grown up their whole lives as orphans or they were orphaned at some time in their childhood, either by the death of their parents or because of permanent removal due to extreme and severe abuse. Either way, our girls continue to struggle with the many spiritual and emotional issues that made them orphans to begin with. It is a top priority at Rocsana's Hope to continue to help our girls face and deal with their past in the hope that they can experience healing, as well as, the power of forgiveness for the many horrible things that have happened to them. This is an ongoing component of our work.

2. We Impact the Present

The immediate need is to provide a place for our girls to get off of the street and into a safe and secure environment, where they can be protected from the many trappings that life on the streets of Guatemala can hit them with. We provide them a place to stay, food to eat, a caring and loving environment, and a home where they can feel secure. We also continue to help them with their growth and maturity during their transition from a young orphan to a young lady. We do this through programs that help them develop in every facet of their lives and give them the time they need to prepare to enter Guatemalan society.

3. We Give Hope to the Future

The whole idea is to prepare our girls for life as a viable and independent adult, who is able to take care and provide for themselves and their eventual families in Guatemala. We accomplish this by giving them the opportunity to earn a degree through education, a specialized skill or trade, or other life skills that will give them opportunities they would not otherwise have. We also continue to help them develop and grow as human beings. They are afforded the time and resources needed to do this. Only when they are finally ready, do we send them out to live a successful life in Guatemala.

Secure & Loving Home

When a girl comes to our home they become part of a family that loves them and truly has their best interest at heart. They also are given the chance to finish growing up in an environment where they will be supported and protected from those who would try to exploit and use them.

Emotional & Spiritual Health

A majority of our girls have suffered such unspeakable abuse, loss, and abandonment in their lives. They need continued professional help to keep moving forward and making progress in their lives. It is also very important that they continue to grow and develop in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We make sure these things happen.

Basic Needs

Every girl we receive is provided the basic physical necessities of life, including healthy food, physical hygiene and medical services. The girls are also taught along the way how to provide these basic needs for themselves.

Education & Job Placement

We provide guidance to help our girls chose the type of education or life skill they wish to pursue and then help make it a reality for them. We develop contacts and relationships in and around the city so that as the girls complete their education, they have opportunities to begin working and provide a better life than they thought possible.

When you donate, you become the hero and make all of this possible. Because when you bring together the “haves” and the “have-nots,” miracles happen!