To bring faith, hope and love to orphan girls needing hope
for a brighter future in their darkest hour of need!

Rocsana’s Hope is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization that has been providing support to those in need since 2018. We work in an array of areas, supporting the community, hospital ministry, vocational training, education, disaster relief, etc. but our primary focus is the care and protection of orphan girls in transition. Rocsana’s Hope is a unique and innovative ministry that gives young girls, who grew up as orphans, a place where they can continue to grow and develop into able independent adults that can successfully take care of themselves in their culture and society.

The Mission works hard to provide a loving home and family for every girl in its care, working hard to promote family values and impart a spirit of responsibility in every member of the organization.

Our Promise

Our promise to the world is summarized in a 6 fold promise:

    1. To honor God, creator of all things, above all else that we do and to serve Him with the very fullness of our being.
    2. To always remember that every girl’s life is priceless and to put their needs above our own.
    3. To uphold the highest ethical standards in our work and to be honest and accountable in our reports about those we help.
    4. To recognize that none of our work is possible without the support of our donors, friends and volunteers.
    5. To work in partnership with other organizations, respecting the country's culture we are in and empowering local citizens to make a real difference in the community.
    6. To show the world that every girl, regardless of their needs, deserves to experience love and to be treated with dignity and care.