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We are raising our voice for aged-out orphaned and vulnerable girls. See how we’ve been making headlines, and help us amplify our voice by sharing these videos and articles with your circle. Together, we can.


Articles in the News

The Hindu Business Line National News: Back to the Warmth of Family (July 2019)
Read some heart-warming and personal accounts of how Miracle Foundation’s family reunification efforts are impacting children in Kerala.

Hill Country News: A Climb for Charity (April 2019)
David Lesniak and his team hiked more than eight hours in order to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa at 19,341 ft. Along the way, they raised $20,000 for Miracle Foundation.

The Statesman: Westlake Mom Works to Help Orphaned Children Find Their Way Home (March 2019)
Read about the amazing effort Miracle Foundation President, Leslie Beasley, expends night and day to build orphaned and vulnerable children a better future.

The Statesman: Long-term Impacts of Institutional Care on Children (March 2019)
Miracle Foundation India Country Head, Nivedita Das Gupta, explains how the very foundation of institutional care is to provide care and education to abandoned and orphaned children, but the standard of such facilities varies between being the optimum level of care to being highly inadequate.

Entrepreneur India: Women are Driving Social Entrepreneurship (March 2019)
We may need lion hearts for various odd ventures of the world but for social entrepreneurship, we need the tender mindset of a mother.

WUSA9-TV: Road to a Better Community: The Miracle Foundation (March 2019)
The Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to reuniting orphaned children with their families and founder Caroline Boudreaux is passionate about her work. See how Washington D.C.’s Easterns Automotive Group decided to lend a hand and help support this amazing cause.

Press Releases

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Fashion for a Cause: How Flash Tattoos Supports Orphans in the Developing World