Stan Nelson

Stan is the Founder and Executive Director of Rocsana’s Hope. He went on an initial mission trip to Guatemala in June of 2014 where God changed his life and gave him a heart for orphans. He, along with his wife Denise, saw a need to minister to older orphaned girls as they aged out of their orphanages and subsequently founded the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope. He works every day to be a part of giving hope to young orphan girls who otherwise might not have any hope or, even worse, may become a victim of human trafficking if they have nowhere to go once they turn 18. Stan and Denise love the Lord and are grateful that they have been called to do this amazing work. Stan has pretty much been in the ministry his whole adult life. He was a pastor for 15 year and worked in a Guatemalan orphanage for two years, prior to starting Rocsana’s Hope.