A Word From Papa Stan

We have now completed the first half-year of operating the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope here in Guatemala. It has been an exciting 6 months and what’s more, it is only the beginning of a ministry that we truly believe is going to make a difference in the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of young ladies.

The ministry now has three young ladies who are living here and preparing for their futures. Diana was the first to come to us in April and she has adjusted really well to being here. She is currently enrolled in classes for English as well as a free class on how to do nails. She loves that kind of thing and is excelling. Next came Fabiana in May. Fabiana was trying to make it on the street with her brother and was not doing well. She was accepted into our program. She is a go-getter and is doing really well. Besides working a job up the street, she is enrolling for classes next year and is working towards becoming a teacher of history and art. Finally, Darling was accepted into our program the first week of June. She cried a lot her first day but since has adjusted wonderfully. She is still enrolled in and attending school at the high school level and will be done with this year in October, after which she might need another year before she can graduate.

Every girls’ situation is different but they all have a similar heart. They are grateful to be here and thankful that they get to be a part of a program that is going to impact the rest of their lives. What a joy this has been. God is so good.

A Personal Message From Fabiana

My name is Fabiana Quiñones. I’m 20 years old. My birthday is on Sept 28. My mom died when I was 4. My dad is absent in my life. I’ve never met him until last year and I don’t have any communication with him after that.

My grandpa took care of me for 15 years after my mom died but I couldn’t continue to live with him because his wife has never accepted my brothers and me because we are not her grandchildren. I swear she was trying hard to make my life impossible. I was miserable and I couldn’t stand it anymore. So one day I left their house and tried to be on my own. But I didn’t have other home to go to, it was very difficult for me to survive. It’s very hard to get a job and good salary in Guatemala, especially when you do not have the support of anyone.

I finally found a job at a fast-food restaurant early this year that was up the street from Rocsana’s Hope. I saw Esther one day when she was buying Chinese food next door to my work. I wanted to talk with her, but I was afraid she wouldn’t understand my English. I finally decided to talk to her. I was a little shy, but she understood almost everything I was trying to tell her. I told her I was taking free painting and English classes at the local Community Center. She said she would like to be my friend, so I can practice my English with her. We exchanged WhatsApp and Facebook info and we started talking to each other almost every day after that.

One day Esther told me something about a place where they will help girls like me. But I wasn’t interested at first because I thought it was like a boarding school. I was in boarding schools my whole life and I didn’t want to be in boarding school again, so I told her I appreciate her trying to help me but no thanks…

Two weeks after that I lost my job because my boss was threatened by the gang people who demanded a large sum of money. They said if we do not give them the money, they will kill everyone that works there. My boss got scared because she has a son, so she closed the restaurant immediately. I started looking for other job, but I couldn’t find anyone who would hire me, and life had become very difficult for me. I was about to be homeless because the place I was staying at the time will soon not be available for me anymore and for weeks, I don’t have any water in the house because I don’t have money to pay for water.

Esther took a lot of interest in me and she asked me about my life often, so I told her and my situation. She told me there is a reason why we met. She asked me to come hang out at RH so I can learn more English and it would help me to find work. On May 17, Esther invited me to RH’s Open House. She explained to me again what RH was about. I met Jeff and Papa Stan, Mama Denise and Denise’s parents, Allen and Janice Seimears, and Cristina Gulotta (Mama Denise’s parents and Cristina were here to visit.) Everyone was very nice to me. They gave me food and I made cakes and pies with Mama Denise’s Dad. It was very fun! That day, I shared with Papa Stan about my situation and he told me he would be very happy to help me. And so..4 days later. I am here at Rocana’s Hope.

I’m very grateful for God because He puts Esther in my life. I am grateful for everyone at Rocsana’s Hope for giving me a loving family, happiness, love, the opportunity to continue to study and especially they help me to know and follow God.